James Ruth


"James Ruth as the Serial Barber, of Fleet Street. This role is a mix of Dave Vanian, Heathcliff, and Jeff Dahmer – but Ruth claims ownership of the role with low key confidence.  I’ve seen a lot of variations on the demon barber, but he seems to find his place as an actor (and singer) at the eye of the tornado. Todd’s (James Ruth) kabuki-like focus on the gullet of Judge Turpin  is what, ultimately, holds this entire production."


-  John Barry - Bmore Art
      Review of Sweeney Todd Demon Barber of Fleet Street

The title of the show may be Romeo and Juliet but there are others, who despite the lack of lines, make their presence known on stage.... Tybalt (James Ruth) though he does have lines— that when he delivers them are bursting with furious rage— is another such character who is more developed in these enhanced wordless scenes. Ruth explores the friendly side of Tybalt both in his relation with Juliet and the Lady Capulet in the aforementioned scenes, making him far more dynamic than the boorish and brutish text that Shakespeare gives him.

       Theater Bloom
       Review  of  Romeo and Juliet

"While all members of the ensemble are incredibly talented, ...keep your eyes on Hanschen (Taylor Rieland) Ernst (Peyton Lynch) and Georg (James Ruth). These three ...have pristine voices that exude deep emotions, particularly in more somber songs like “The World of Your Body Reprise” and “Touch Me.” Ruth and Rieland are a comic masterpiece."

-  Amanda Gunther - DC Metro Theater Arts
      Review of Spring Awakening

"James Ruth delivers a very energetic and heart-felt performance as Harold Hill, he is reminiscent very much of a young Ray Bolger in every way. He allows his character to grow and allows the audience to laugh with and at him and to love him and wish for a happy ending."

- Roman Gusso - Showbiz Radio
       Review of The Music Man

"The most touching moment of the show, however, belongs to the older Ruth and his heart-breaking, knot-your-insides reprise of “My Best Girl,” following the death of Mame’s husband."


-  Jennifer Gusso - Showbiz Radio
      Review of Mame

James  portrayed Prince Christopher accordingly with his want for simplicity and his need for Cinderella. When he sang in songs such as “Loneliness of Evening” and “Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful?” he was a open book, showing everything he felt with just a small facial expression. His rich voice serenaded Cinderella in “Ten Minutes Ago,” blossoming a treasured love story.

-  Ashley Pruitt (Cappies Critic)
       Review of R&H Cinderella

Another standout is James Ruth as nerdy Johnny. Ruth has spot-on comic timing and a strong voice. I saw Ruth as the starring role in Towson University’s excellent Sweeney Todd this spring, and was pleased to see his versatility in this kids’ show.

-  The Bad Oracle
          Review of Really Rosie

"Matching his [younger counterpart's] skill and mannerisms (to make the transition from little boy to all grown-up that much easier) is James Ruth as Older Patrick. Ruth assimilates his pitch and gestures to match his younger self with a perfection that convinces the audience that time really has passed and that he really has grown-up into a fine young man."


-  Amanda Gunther - DC Metro Theater Arts
      Review  of Mame

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